Land full of charm and beauty

Puglia, land kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind. Land steeped in history, beauty and sweat, which our ancestors placed their hopes and brought together their forces to live a prosperous present and build a better future. Here the cultivation of the olive tree is a millennial tradition and still today strongly characterizes the economy of the entire region.

Our farm in Contrada Pandolfelli, nestled in the countryside of Andria, is situated amid the region of land called Alta Murgia, an arid yet lively environment where rainfall slowly erodes the stones and embeds itself into the soil that nourishes our olive trees of the "Coratina" cultivar, aptly named as it originates from the Corato countryside, also known as the "oliva raciuoppe" of Andria.

In Murgia, man has followed nature and the land formations for this reason, walking along the sheep tracks of transhumance it is common to come across archaic farming equipment, dry stone walls, jazzi and trulli, a depiction of man's intervention in a land for which he has always felt admiration. A land that arouses in him an appreciation for both the pristine, untouched landscape and for the presence of one of the most beautiful and harmonious examples of medieval architecture: Castel del Monte. 

The Castel del Monte, built by Frederick II of Swabia around 1240 and since 1996 has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, watches proudly over our olive trees, evoking the image of a wise and faithful guardian, anchored to the traditions of which he serves to protect.