Limited edition

Our premier quality product in a refined packaging


The organic extra virgin olive oil from the Cru selection is cold extracted from the best "Coratina" cultivar olives from our olive grove. A selection made in the field at the beginning of the harvest, when the veraison is in its infancy and the olives present themselves in all their perfection. We obtain a superior quality product from these fruits whose phenol content and organoleptic properties are at their optimum.

To promote and maintain the excellence of this product, the distinguishable black case, which in addition to giving the product a distinguishable note of style, protects the oil from inadvertent exposure to sunlight.

Our premium quality monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is coupled with our exclusive packaging with distinguishable design, both elements together form the synthesis of the values of Il Quadrato delle Rose, Our values represent the protection of biodiversity and the commitment to environmental sustainability. The packaging is made of honeycomb cardboard, a reusable and recyclable material, which is aligned with the green vision of our farm, that since its foundation operates in respect of the land and its necessities. 

Cru Selection: taste and elegance come together to create a unique product in which the centuries-old traditions of olive cultivation and the production of extra virgin olive oil are deservedly elevated to a heritage of enormous cultural value to be shared, protected and extended.

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