An olive is already a good oil

in the mind of a man capable of dreaming


"Time is not, because the past is gone, the present is already past and the future is yet to come." To make time exist, Agostino manifests it with his memories, affections, teachings, projects and ideas. In this way he successfully reinforces his farm project, to conduct it ethically and to think of ways of improving it by looking at it through the eyes of his children Vincenzo and Francesca.

There is still a long way to go and Agostino has decided to take the path of innovation by implementing modern agricultural methods, improving cultivation techniques and oil extraction procedures.

Il Quadrato delle Rose rests its foundations on a past rich in history and on a present full of challenges, it goes on pursuing its objectives and identifying future opportunities to enhance the images of a dream that has deep and distant roots. If it is true that every story has its beginning, its origin, it is also true that every beginning is generated by a change and by respecting that story, Agostino is trying to change it so that it may continue.

To be continued…