There are those who leave and there are those who find

The road is marked: Il Quadrato delle Rose is born


Vincenzo continues to take care of his father's land and day after day, collection after collection, he continues straight on his path until he reaches the new century. 2010 is a decisive year because in this year Agostino takes over from his father Vincenzo in the management of the 12 hectares of land cultivated with olive groves. Here about 2500 olive trees of the "Coratina" cultivar stood proud and noble, ready to be nurtured with the care of the young Agostino who, after completing his studies in veterinary medicine, is committed to carry on the business activity encouraged by his wife Dominga.

Agostino knows the sacrifice that underlies family farming, a labour of love endured by his great-grandparents, grandparents and parents who have all written their story before, as he decides to be the author of this new chapter, pages imbued with respect of the past and innovation toward the future. He believes in the possibility of producing his own extra virgin olive oil in a sustainable manner and starts his farm project in which both the ecological and economic aspects coexist. Thus was born, in 2017, Il Quadrato delle Rose, which immediately pursues the path of natural olive cultivation, preferring only organic cultivation.

The agronomic process that today defines the production of Il Quadrato delle Rose’s extra virgin olive oil occurs harmoniously with the surrounding environment and is characterized by the great respect reserved for the natural cycles of plants. The management of the farm is based strongly on ethical values and principles, placing the protection of workers and their professional and personal growth at the foremost of its development mission. Equal opportunities and respectful working conditions of the employees contribute to reinforcing each one's commitment in the development of an innovative business idea in which spirit of collaboration, sense of belonging to a common objective and respect for individuality contribute to the pursuit of the well-being of all and to the healthy growth of the company.

To be continued…