In the beginning it was a rose garden

Step by step on the road to a new beginning


Each story has its beginning, its origin. The history of Il Quadrato delle Rose has its roots in the 1930’s when Giuseppe Tortora, son of a bread industrialist and young master baker, and Elisabetta, daughter of Don Vincenzo Abbasciano, a tireless worker dedicated to agriculture, the couple fall in love, they get married and decide to walk the same road together, forever side by side.

That road, sometimes straight, sometimes winding, occasionally on the plain but often uphill, will lead Giuseppe to follow in the footsteps of his father-in-law Vincenzo and dedicate himself to the work of the land. Among the company plots, one in the Pandolfelli district, in the countryside of Andria, was particularly dear to his wife Elisabetta, now known by all as ”grandmother 'Sabellina”. In this plot, grandmother ‘Sabellina decided to create a small rose garden which she personally took care of.

A square of earth softened by the beauty and scent of hundreds of roses.

Grandfather Giuseppe and grandmother 'Sabellina thus found themselves traveling the road together towards the 1970’s. Now in their later years, and eager to fully experience the pleasures of life, they bestow upon their children the task of caring for the family land. The plot of the Pandolfelli district is among those that are passed onto Vincenzo, who leads the agricultural activity with a vison of land improvement as his objective. He will now have the task of taking care of the maternal rose garden, continuing to cultivate it and nourish the passion for roses: the only flower he ever gifted to his wife Adele.

To be continued…